Let’s Talk About 3D Printing

#Chat3d is the first live 3D printing chat! Join us on Twitter to talk about 3D printing on every third Thursday of the month from 8:00 p.m to 9:00 p.m UK time!

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  •  Each month we invite a special guest expert to answer your questions and share their wealth of knowledge and experience.
  •  Discuss the latest trends in the industry, share ideas and useful resources, learn from one another.
  • Solve problems and debunk 3D printing myths.
  • Get in touch with other  3D printing enthusiasts.

From novice to expert, we welcome everyone with an interest in the fascinating world of 3D printing technology!

Use the hashtag #chat3d to join the conversation on Twitter. Follow us on Facebook  to keep informed of upcoming chats and replay previous discussions. 

#Chat3d is run by volunteers. We want to create a place that offers valuable learning resources,  inspires interests and encourages collaborative discussions. Help us make #chat3d great! Tells us what you like and what we can do better. Share your comments, questions and suggestions here.